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Proper Venting Is Crucial To Eliminate Exposure and effects on body

Know The Symptoms Of Co Exposure

Carbon Monoxide Is Deadly

Carbon Monoxide [Co]


Customers buying a home security system with all the bells and whistles never seem to realize carbon monoxide is more likely to hurt their family than a burglary in the home. While homes have Co detectors or should an unmonitored carbon monoxide detector will not wake anyone once carbon monoxide has overtaken their body. 

When we offer Co as part of our proposal and you decide to have then installed you can rest assure if Co is detected the security system will alert the proper authorities getting a faster response from first responder to rescue the occupant of the home from further exposure of the the deadly co2 gas. 

When buying a security system add  carbon monoxide detector to your purchase.

Proper Venting Of Co Gas

It's a good idea to know where your heating and hot water equipment vents.  It could be from the roof or vented on a wall.  Wall or roof vents should be checked for blockage on a regular bases. Roof vent can get blocked by birds building nest on top of the vent to get the warm air coming out of it.  Side vents can get blocked by piling snow or even a shrub growing into it. 

When Co Exits By Roof Vents

There are minimum requirements for the distance of the chimney vent from the roof line. This ensures proper venting of co and to prevent down drafts from occurring.  [A down draft will push the co gas back into the house.] Check local building authority for proper distance between chimney and roof line and check to see it your homes chimney  was properly installed. 

Our Experience

 I had a customer who removed a big tree from the front of their home and discovered after removing the tree the home began to experience co alarms.  When the tree was removed it changed the air circulation and down drafts caused co to back up into their home setting off the co detectors. As I was trouble shooting cause of co alarms I discovered their chimney was a foot shorted from the peak than other homes in the area. I informed my customer to check with a building expert if the chimney had some hidden problems the tree used to block. 

After my customer made this consultation with a building expert a foot was add onto the chimney.  After that was alteration to the chimny the Co detectors never went off again.

Be proactive, checking you homes current gas venting devices. Ensure vents are open  and have adequate distances from building to vent gas.  And Install and maintain tour Co detectors. 

It just may save you and your families from carbon monoxide exposure.

CO poisoning

CO poisoning