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Paradox Exterior protection

Exterior beam detector

Exterior protection

Paradox Exterior protection burglary devices are  high grade going beyond the standard burglary concept. Integration ready the paradox security system  has the devices to provide coverage for detecting exterior activity. 

Devices such as exterior motion detectors and beam detectors can be wired into system as well as  wirelessly connected via receiver to the paradox control panel. Providing early warning to unauthorize access to your facility

Exterior Beam Detectors

Beam detection designed by Paradox intended to be install on the exterior of a facility across building access points adds another layer to any facility. Early detection mean a higher level of security allowing for quicker response. This device is recommended  for large exterior window and multiple shipping door applications.

Exterior Motion Detector

Exterior motion detectors provide coverage for unheated and exterior areas of your facility. Recommended installation includes storage buildings, fenced in areas where normal traffic is not expected.

False Alarms ?

These devices are engineered to perform under extremes conditions. Animal masking makes these devices reliable and ideal for extending coverage to the exterior of your facility. Keeping unwanted access to the interior of your building.