Multiple Site Receive Discounts For security monitoring

The LV Tech Pledge

Customers requiring our services for multiple locations have hire LV Tech to monitor and service their multiple business locations since 1994. 

Security monitoring discounts are awarded to multi site owners whom hire L.V Tech to provide our services to all their locations. We provide Burglary, Life Safety and CCTV services to franchise businesses at a lower cost every day.

 We recognize and appreciate how important it is to our  business customers to be able to streamline these services so is constant across all their locations.  

Businesses have hired LV Tech for the discounts on multi burglary monitoring, CCTV installation / service and multiple Life Safety Inspections because they save real money. 

We show our appreciation by responding to our customers need  in a timely manner without excuses or concern as to the time of day. 

Our goal is to manage the security, CCTV and life safety systems on behalf of our customers so they can focus their time in managing their business. 

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small business