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Image Sensor

Home and business  CCTV systems can be costly. Depending on the size of your protected area and the amount of cameras you made need. 

 It will require a DVR, wiring and professional installation.  When it comes to home cameras, for many years I had no real attachment to any one system to offer home owners until now. 

 Image sensors [an interior wireless combination Motion detector/ camera ] are  now available to add onto your wireless security system. This is a cost effective way to view and record video activity. With the image sensor you will receive notification to your smart phone when it detect activity based on your programming. O' one more thing, did I mention it's wireless.

The image sensors are not only a camera it's also is a motion detector combined for the ultimate detection device for security. Cost effective less then $200.00 installed. And video storage is part of your mobile app service package.

Add an image sensor to your system and you will never miss the action.  The image sensor will  help deter unwanted acts against your property and give you early warning so you can react sooner. 

Image Sensors


Home And Business CCTV

Surveillance Cameras

 Surveillance Cameras have evolved. Conventional Surveillance  systems consists of  cameras tied onto a DVR.  Systems can very in the number of cameras that can be connected and the duration of storage available on the hard drive with in the DVR.  This concept serves to provide on site supervision and recording of the activity taking place. The ability to review video stored on a hard drive within the DVR has prevented and solved many crime against home and business alike and works with your security system to keep you protected. 

The vulnerability of on site video storage are now widely know. Failure  of hard drive is most common in DVR systems as these devices are running 24/7. Venerable to attract, on site DVRs are often damage and even stolen by thief's when committing a crime. As more information and knowledge of the DVR type systems are available to criminals the are becoming more knowledgeable and confident in circumventing these systems.

Home and business greatly benefit when they employ the server based video system. This concept has cameras installed at a site with no DVR. The server replacing the DVR, sends video to a cloud storage facility on the internet protecting the images against being circumvented on site. What this means is that there is no DVR hard drive to fail or be stolen to prevent retrieving recording of activity. It also means the cost of repairing or replacing a DVR is no logger a concern.

While the cost of a video  server is much cheaper than a DVR there is a fee for using the cloud server.

Fees for cloud video storage very in cost and is based on the number of cameras and length of time each camera's video is to be stored for. surveillance cameras video systems home security cameras

Video Server

Video Server