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Business CCTV

Business CCTV  has evolved. We recognize a CCTV system consisting of a cameras tied onto a DVR.  Systems can very in the number of cameras that can be connected and the duration of storage available on the hard drive with in the DVR.  This concept service to provide on site supervision and recording of the activity taking place. The ability to review video stored on a hard drive within the DVR has prevented and solved many crime against business and homes. 

The vulnerability are now know of these types of systems.  Failure , damage or thief of the on site equipment is more likely then ever before. As more information and knowledge of the DVR type systems  are available criminals are becoming knowledgeable on circumventing these systems when they are on site.

Small or large business greatly benefit when they employ the server based video system. This system has cameras installed at a site with no DVR. The server sends video to a cloud  on the internet protecting the images against being circumvented on site. What this means is that there is no DVR or hard drive to fail to prevent recording of activity.  it also means the cost of repairing or replacing a DVR is no logger an issue.

The cost of a server is much cheaper than a DVR.  A server is a device where as cameras are connected like with DRV however instead of recording the image its sole function is to transmit the images off site to a remote location or cloud based service.




Home CCTV system can be costly. Depending on the size of your home and the amount of cameras you can afford. 

 It will require a DVR, wiring and professional installation.  When it came to home cameras, for many years I had no real attachment to any one system to offer home owners until now. 

 Image sensors [an interior wireless camera ] are  now available to add onto your wireless security system. This is a cost effective way to view and record activity in your home. Better than that it will notify you with an image to your smart phone when it detect activity. O' one more thing, did I mention it's wireless.

The image sensors are not only a camera it also is a motion detector combined for the ultimate detection device for home security.

Image Sensors


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