Independant Living Home Solution For Seniors

Smart Solution To Senior Independence Living.

Independent Living

Wellness is a concept utilizing electronic devices to provide information as your love ones wellness as they stay in their home living independently.

Senior want independence living. They want to stay in their own home. Every day the senior population increases and their demand to spend their latter years staying in home. This is worrisome for some caregivers which can be a son or daughter or other family member concern about their seniors wellness .

 Fear of a love one falling or not taking their meds causes caregivers quilt in looking into placing their love one in a home. They simply require extra attention to stay safe in their home and get the care they richly deserves. But no one has the time to stay with them and see to their needs. 

With innovation the possibility of a mother or farther or other family members staying in their home is becoming reality. Remote supervision by caregivers is here allowing the elderly to stay in their home and at the same time be supervised 24/7. 

Technology has come to the aid of caregivers to provide on site supervision of their love ones. Cameras, bed monitors, drug cabinet contacts as well as but not limit to exterior security protection all combine to keep and secure your love ones in their home.

The activity monitored in your love one's home is sent to a smart phone. For example the care giver set parameters on lets say a drug cabinet. When the drug cabinet is open it records this activity for latter viewing but if let say the drug cabinet did not open by a set time a text is sent to the smart phone prompting caregiver to give a call to love one to see why they did take their meds. Over time the system develops living activity schedules of your love ones and the parameters for this and other devices can be refined.

Bed and chair monitors are used to see when senior get up and go to bed  and are sitting to long periods. With this you can determine if their getting enough sleep and or activity. Motion detector will allow you to record activity through out the home for latter review. This will allow you to evaluate if your senior[s] are active throughout the house.  

Other concerns which cam be monitored are basement interior doors. Preventing falls is the goal here. If the door is open a text message can be sent to the caregivers smart phone alerting the basement door is open.

Remote thermostat will allow the caregiver to view and set the temperature in the home remotely.

When you are the caregiver you can now put aside your guilt and provide your love ones their wish for independence living. 

And when cameras are installed you can look in on your love one and talk to them right from your smart phone ap. to ensure yourself as to your love ones wellness.

Utilizing electronic devices to provide information as to your love ones wellness. As they stay in their home living independently we will help you keep your love one safe and secure in their own home.

Smart Solution To Senior Independence Living