Video Systems


Home And Business Video

Video systems for home and business can differ greatly in how the video system is deployed.

With decades of experience LV Tech has come to recognize no 2 installations are the same . Hiring a professional rather than installing a system on your own can save you time and money and prevent needless research in how to successfully complete the installation.

Home Video System

Home video systems are becoming more affordable to the average home owner. And the demand for home video has made video door bell camera a necessity. In addition to covering areas about the home with video cameras,  video door bell cameras sends notifications to home owners [ via cell phone ] when someone rings the front door bell . This is a great deterrent from porch pirates from stealing items shipped to homes.  

While conventual cameras provide similar feature to notify home owner the video door bell camera offers 2 way audio while keeping  packages in view. If someone comes along and makes an attempt to take package the home owner is again can be alerted so action can be taken by home owner.  Home owners can  communicate through door bell camera [ hay I'm Watching You! } to porch pirate or anyone whom approaches video door bell . 

Two you communication is an effective way to make it seem as though your home when in reality your not.

Spot light cameras can provide similar protection as with door bell cameras but with the addition  of actual lighting and remote siren feature. Home owner can activate lights and siren using their cell phone when they see activity and want to ward off potential crime in real time.

Together with a low subscription fee  [which is not necessary] for storage this home video systems is proving to be like no other system on the market.  A higher level of security keeping home owners abreast of what Is going on at home while keeping the cost of installation low.

With this system there is no limit as to the amount of cameras which can be installed and monitored by home owners.

Business Security Systems

VCR and DVRs were  the basic component making up a CCTV system.  The VCRS and DVRs devices were required to record video. A vital function for reviewing activity to provide evidence after the fact. Today there are many options  to record video activity and provide high quality images capable of providing undisputed video evidence .  

These options include NVRs [a network video recorder} which allows for high quality video images storage on site. And NVRs have progressed to a level where it is possible for unlimited amount of video feeds which can be stored from an internal network. The only limit is to the size of the hard drive which would be calculated based on number of cameras and the length of time recording are to be kept for before  system will overwrite.

And now available are the cloud based services which send video to be stored to a remote location using the internet. No need for costly NVR, DVR on site. The cloud base video storage takes in video from server and cyber space networks which  could be installed any where in the world. Video is  brought together to be viewed  from a single computer. This is a great value for business with many sites because cheaper servers are installed replacing  expensive  NVR or DVR at each site. 

The cloud based video storage system is more secured and keeps vital video evidence out of arms way from being circumvented on site.  Preserving video  evidence can't get any more secure as with cloud based video services. The draw back to this cloud based service is that it require fees for use of the service.